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Mr. Richard walked into the hotel room at half past 4. He just had a board meeting and had exact 45 minutes before the next board meeting begins. 

He was the chairperson of the collegium tasked with the drafting of the new rules for 2020 International Summer games. When he took the job, he was sure of the kickbacks he would be receiving from different sports federations, but what he didn’t expect was the limit these bodies are willing to go. 

As promised the jock was on all fours, wearing only a jockstrap with a label “Pacific Rugby league” indicating the federation who is sponsoring the kickback. Keith wasted no time, he loosened his tie, took his shoes, pants and underwear off and shoved his rock hard, 9 inch, thick dick into the boy’s hole.

The best part of these kickbacks are there is no limit. He doesn’t have to care about the boys, lubricating them, going slow or not getting too rough with them. He can enjoy them any way he wants. After a long tiring day of meetings, keith was in mood for hard rough pounding and that is exactly what he is going to give. Not even giving the jock time to adjust, he grabbed the boy from behind with his both hands and started pounding him furiously.

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